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Interesting tips and tricks to do stuff in Affinity Photo

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Best teacher I’ve ever had in Affinity

Cami Rojas

This lesson was amazing, he was able to answer all my questions and was extremely helpful and patient. Best teacher I’ve ever had in affinity; a true professional. Thank you!

It was a pleasure to have a one hour lesson on Affinity Photo with Alex


It was a pleasure to have a one hour lesson on Affinity Photo with Alex. He went over the structure of the software explaining the functions, shortcuts, the quick keys points in editing photos and the things and don’t do. It worked perfectly. Anyone who is looking to understand Affinity Photo, I can highly recommend Alex.

Alex is easy to talk to easy-going


Alex is easy to talk to easy-going, We had a great first season. I had basically learned things the wrong way. So Alex helped me correct that, and show me a good workflow and mindset. While working in affinity photo. We even had time troubleshooting a few issues and despite me as a newbie. More or less failing at everything Alex was calm. I can’t more than recommend Alex.


Delivering good quality


He had always displayed very professional behaviour, was very thorough and disciplined, and was genuinely interested in delivering good quality work.

He is brilliant


Alex is a great professional, passionate in his job, engage with the team, is committed, and always looking for new challenges. He is brilliant.

A very capable leader


He is a very capable leader and has managed the scopes under his control to a high standard. He understands the role we play and challenges internally and externally when required to achieve the necessary targets.

About me:

My name is Alex. I’m a starting photographer. I love taking pictures, snapshots in time and space. The most important part of a good picture is the frame. After all, it’s all in the framing. -J.K. Rowling