Affinity Photo Introduction course – a hands-on approach

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About the course

Affinity Photo is a professional image editing software. A good replacement for Adobe Photoshop. And in the next minutes, you will see why.

The software comes with a big bag of tools: Raw editing, HDR Merge, Panorama Stitching, Focus Stacking (and it works super nice – see lesson 5), Batch processing, PSD Editing (so you can edit your Photoshop files), Smart object support, and for you artists out there – it supports digital painting (with nice tools and brushes).

This small tutorial is designed to get you started using Affinity photo. I will show you my workflow, editing some images and getting them ready for print or web. I’m not sponsored by Affinity Photo – so my thoughts on the software are unbiased.

Project Description

You can follow along with the files attached to each lesson. Feel free to use your own images in order to learn better the full process.
Download the files for the lessons: Download
Lesson 1 – Quick overview of the interface – no fancy stuff Different personas
Lesson 2 – Edit image in Develop mode – Import a RAW file into Affinity Photo and basic edit
Lesson 3 – Edit image in Photo mode
  • Duplicate layer
  • Heal tool – to remove some elements from the image
  • Apply Dodge and burn
  • Add adjustment layers
  • Masks
Lesson 4 – Convert a 35mm negative film
  • Import Raw image
  • Crop the image to a size
  • Invert the colours
  • Basic colour adjustments – auto mode is working like a charm
Lesson 5 – Focus stack multiple images – macro photography
  • Show the tool
  • Select images
  • Apply the focus stacking
  • Crop the image
  • Export the final result
Lesson 6 – HDR merging
Lesson 7 – Panorama Stiching

If you need further help, you can hire me for 1 to 1 online course on Fiverr.

Create a Halloween card in

Affinity Photo