My first… film camera

My first film camera

Well guys, I guess film photography is here to stay, at least for a little while. A few years ago I started following some film photographers on Instagram and silently judge them when using old cameras. I didn’t understand them. Why should you use an old camera, when the new ones are so cool? But things were about to change. 

Fast forward to the present time and I’ve developed my first 35mm Kodak film. Yes, you read correctly. I’ve shot some films and the results are surprisingly good. (at least by my standards) But let me tell you what gear I’ve used:

Film gear

Camera: Nikon F-301
Lens: Micro-NIKKOR 55mm f2.8 
Film: 35mm Kodak Color Plus (Expired in 2008)

Developing kit: 
Chemicals: Tetenal Colortec C-41 Colour Negative Film
Feeling: Amazing 🙂 

As the title clearly states, this is my FIRST TIME shooting on film, developing and scanning it. I know that there is a learning curve, and you will get better with time but to be honest it’s not bad for a newbie. 

I really love the colours, the grain, the vintage look, the imperfections and for an old camera that I didn’t service the camera and it’s amazing that I’ve got any pictures at all.

See below some of the photos from the roll of film taken in Derby and Nottingham.

What’s next? Well, I still have 3 rolls of Kodak Color that I will play around with. Altou is hard to find 24 frames to fill in a short amount of time. So that blog post will come later.

Meantime, I want to try more types of film and a few film cameras. I have my eye on a PENTAX P30N film camera with a few lenses available on eBay at a very nice price. Maybe I’ll be able to bid on time (still a few hours to go).